Smart Cooktop Technology and Innovation


IndyFlex Zone Linking

Touch & Slide Controll

With IndyFlex™ technology two cooking zones can be
linked together to act as a larger cooking zone, giving
you the flexibility to use larger pans and pots
according to your needs.
Touch & Slide Control Beko cooktops feature 19
different levels for each cooking zone allowing 
you to make the heat adjustments according to
your needs. You can also set a cooking time 
for each separate cooking zone.

Gas Flame Safety 

Easy to Clean

If the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind or by overflowing liquid, the flame failure device automatically
cuts off the gas supply to prevent any gas leakage.
Knob Integrated Electronic Ignition:Integrated into the
knobs, electronic ignition provides easy and simple
lighting for gas burners.

Since the vitroceramic surface doesn't heat up, spilt 
food won't burn on the hob, which makes it easy to clean.


Bupa Home Insurance - How Smart Is Your Kitchen?

Need a hand in the kitchen? Part of modern-day living is the luxury of having cooking appliances that can actually help you cook amazing food. With Beko smart cooking solutions, you’ll never look at food preparation the same way again. We’ve been around for over 60 years, and have become the second largest white goods brand for the European market. Passionate about all things efficient, innovate, and that can make your life easier, we were excited to share our insight in a recent article by Bupa Home Insurance on the best ways to raise the IQ of your home with smart technology. Simple, straightforward solutions are the way to go, especially in the kitchen.

Smart Cooktops

If you love cooking delicious meals for friends and family, then you’ve probably experienced stovetop overload; rice simmering, salmon sautéing, veggies steaming – and your trademark sauce bubbling over because you turned the wrong burner to the high setting. Oh no!

With the Touch & Slide Control Beko cooktop, this would never happen. At the push of a button you can have fun with 19 heat levels for each cooking zone – and separate timers! Roasting everything in one huge pan? No problem. Your cooktop is smart. IndyFlex technology allows you to link zones for seamless stovetop cooking. This was our top recommendation in the article by Bupa, ‘Smart Home Products: How to Automate Your Home’.

“Beko has developed technology which solves the problem of not having room on your cooktop for all your pots and pans. The Beko IndyFlex Zone allows you to link two of its Induction cooktops to form one larger cooking zone when needed, or control them separately at other times.”