Smart Dishwasher Technology and Innovation




 Steam GlossTM

Featuring an additional spraying arm at the bottom of the dishwasher and using higher water pressure in the bottom basket, Beko’s new AquaIntense function delivers an intensive wash zone, providing perfect cleaning results, even for those difficult to clean dishes

Beko SteamGlossTM dishwashers enable you to dry your dishes without losing their brightness. Your glasses will shine 30%* more with the help of steam technology. Let your dishes sparkle with the gentle steam touch and enjoy spotless, shiny dishes. LGA test result proves stainless and spot free glossy drying, 30% better results for glassware, and 43% improvement in the brightness of porcelains has been recorded.

AquaFlexTM ProgramAquaFlex Technology

Fast+ FunctionFast+ Program

Thanks to variable speed motor and water diverter
valve, Beko dishwashers with AquaFlex™
Technology provide efficient and gentle washing
at the same time. This technology adjusts water
pressures to the lower and upper baskets providing
A class washing and drying results for all kind of 
dishes, even plastics.

Through the use of variable speed technology provided by the use of ProSmart Inverter Motor and higher water temperature, the new Fast+ function shortens the duration of the programmes by up to 70%. Ideal for when you're in a hurry.

 BabyCare Program

Flexible Packing Solutions

Ensure that your children's eating utensils are
sparkling clean and germ-free. Beko combines
an intensive wash cycle with an extra hot rinse 
cycle in order to provide total hygiene for your 
baby's utensils, plates and baby bottles.

Beko dishwasher have fixable packaging solutions to 
cater to your needs, including height adjustable upper 
shelves, sliding cutlery baskets, mug shelfs, a baby 
bottle holder and lower basket support.