Smart Dryer Technology and Innovation

Heat Pump Technology

Heat Pump Technology






Beko’s innovative tumble dryer is a combination of a condensing dryer and an air conditioner. The evaporator in the system does the work of the condenser, drying the saturated air. The condenser heats the air that dries the laundry. The closed loop system is energy efficient in drying laundry and condenses the water out of the garments. By means of this energy efficent heat exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower compared to conventional dryers and more importantly, consumes minimum amounts of energy.



AquawaveTM Technology

 Reverse Drum Action

Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door design,
Aquawave™ Technology of Beko dryers provide
gentle yet effective drying conditions for all garments
making them last longer.

All Beko tumble dryers operate with a reverse
drum action, which provides homogeneous drying
and prevents creases.

 Timed ProgramsTimed Programs

 Special Care ProgramsSpecial Care Programs

 Choose from a wide range of timed based options, providing you with maximum control and great flexibility in all cycle programming.  With a wide range of options to choose from, you are guaranteed that there is a programme to suit all your needs, whether drying delicates, shirts, baby clothing or jeans.