Smart Cooling Technology and Innovation


Official partner of … blue-cheese-fans


People who live with blue-cheese-fans will be relieved to hear that Beko IonGuard® technology can help remove odours in your fridge. Circulating negative ions neutralise bacteria and particles that cause odours. So the ripest of Roqueforts can sit next to delicately flavoured strawberries without an issue. Each to their own.

NeoFrost™Dual Cooling

Official partner of…. food lovers

NeoFrost Dual Cooling

With Beko NeoFrostTM dual cooling technology built in to your fridge freezer, food lovers can chill out. Unlike conventional single cooling systems, Beko NeoFrostTM dual cooling fridges with 2 separate cooling systems mean you can maintain high humidity in the fridge, while keeping the freezer dry, frozen and frost-free. Coupled with 2 times faster* cooling, this system retains moisture for longer and keeps your food as melt in the mouth gorgeous as when you bought it. Plus with 2 separate fans, there are no nasty odour transfers between the fridge and freezer compartments. So you can keep your raw meat in the freezer, together with your beautifully flavoured cake in the cooler without any meat smell transferring. Plus you can have twice as much fun enjoying all your delicious food.

Active Fresh Blue Light™

Official partner of… health freaks

Beko Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology means health freaks’ fruit and veg’s vitamin C intensity and flavours are protected, keeping them in healthy good shape – just like you. Though we’re not suggesting you go sit in a greenhouse too.

* Tested by FRPERC and TÜBÄ°TAK (compared to standard crisper for tomatoes, red and green pepper)


Official partner of… diet-delayers


Beko EverFresh+® technology in your fridge is perfect for those diet-delayers. The ones who’ve bought lots of healthy fruit and vegetables for their new regime, but err, not quite got round to eating them yet...Now, instead of your unused fruit and vegetables going off after just a few days, they can sit comfortably in our special crisper compartment for up to 30 days*. Humidity is precisely controlled and condensation reduced via air channels, temperature variations minimised, so your fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for up to 3 times longer than normal*. Which means thanks to Beko EverFresh+® technology, your fresh food is just as tasty whether the healthy diet starts tomorrow, next week, or next month.... VITAMIN *Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce)

Inner Water Dispenser

Official partner of… chilled stylists

Beko Inner Water Dispenser

You’re rightly proud of your stylish kitchen, and naturally you want all the latest gadgets without ruining the look you’ve created. Well, chilled stylists don’t need to worry when they’re in need of a refreshing glass of water, for example. Beko’s Inner Water Dispenser is hidden away inside, keeping your fridge door sleek, and your water cool.

Turbo Ice Maker™

Official partner of… the coolest parties

Beko Turbo Ice Maker

When the party’s hotting up, you need to keep your guests cool. A refreshing round of drinks should do the trick, all with generous servings of ice. And so that you don’t run out, Beko’s Turbo Ice Maker means your fridge will keep the ice coming, up to 5kg a day*! With 2 fans working in parallel, you can just chill or kick back. Cheers.


Official partner of… compulsive-trolley-fillers

Beko MultiZone

Your excuse is that you have lots of people to cook for. But the truth is that as a compulsive-trolley-filler, you simply can’t get around the supermarket without seeing something you fancy and popping it into your trolley. Fresh food, frozen food, anything. Of course the problem comes when you get home and try and squeeze all this food into your fridge and freezer. Sometimes one needs to be bigger than the other or you risk food spoiling. Fortunately Beko technology offers a flexible MultiZoneTM compartment that lets you customise the temperature according to your needs, so you can chill, soft freeze or freeze food as you need it. The adjustable temperature is a super flexible -24°C to +10°C*, so you can dial the temperature up or down accordingly. Beko MultiZoneTM lets you literally swap from fridge to freezer to suit the food you’ve bought, increasing the capacity of either as you need it. So there’s no need to worry if your shopping list is prone to getting longer as you shop.


Official partner of… cawkward groceries

Beko Magicshelf

You know what it’s like, you get all your groceries put away in your fridge just right and then spot a forgotten bag - and of course it’s full of things too tall for the shelf... Well the Beko MagicShelfTM will come to your rescue – helping you lift and adjust the shelf even if it’s fully loaded, with a simple slide. So you can fit in those awkward groceries without starting all over again. I mean, who has time for that?

Foldable Shelves

Official partner of… mealtime-planners

Beko Foldable Shelves

Who wants to cook every night of the week? Or leave the office to grab lunch? Mealtime-planners are always ahead of the game – making meals in advance or saving leftovers for work. But all this prepared food means lots of awkwardly-shaped pans, dishes, jars and even pizza boxes in your fridge. Thank god Beko’s Foldable Shelves provide lots of flexibility, allowing you to store things with different heights and widths. One shelf even splits into two, giving you an extra half-shelf which can be placed anywhere. So you’ll be able to store every home-made soup, stew and strudel.


Official partner of… veggie lovers

Beko EasyDraw

Veggie lovers know how important it is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, but they’d rather it wasn’t too much effort if you don’t mind thanks. Rest assured, the Beko EasyDraw® makes it easier than ever to get to your fridge’s crisper compartment. With two wheeled rails and cleverly positioned door racks, you can pull out and push in the whole interior with less hassle, and save that extra energy for other things. Phew.