Smart Cooling Technology and Innovation


 NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling Technology

Neofrost Dual Cooling 


Everfresh+ Technology

Beko's Neofrost™ Dual Cooling technology helps maintain optimum cooling conditions, so food can stay fresh for longer. With two separate cooling systems it maintains high humidity in the fridge whilst the freezer stays dry, frozen and frost-free. What's more, with two fans there are no odour transfers between the fridge and the freezer keeping the quality of the air inside at maximum levels.  Beko designed a new compartment called EverFresh+ so that green vegetables stay fresh and maintain their vitality for longer. EverFresh+ Compartment provides up to 30 days of storage time.

Active Fresh Blue Light

Active Ioniser

Thanks to Beko active fresh blue light technology
the process of photosynthesis continues in the fridge 
which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and 
vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours
and nutritional elements.

The Active Ioniser neutralises bacteria, viruses and 
particles that cause effluvia in the refrigerator, thus
creating an antibacterial effect. As a result of this
effect, the circulated air inside the refrigerator is
kept clean and food can be stored for a longer period.

Active Seal Guard

LED Lighting

 Door seals are usually hard to clean, providing
a suitable environment for the accumulation of 
bacteria. By means of the antibacterial additive,
the door seals and such areas remain hygienic. 
By this way, the seal serves as an overall 
antibacterial shield for the refrigerator.

When you look inside New Beko Fridge 
Freezers you're met with the soft glow 
of the side LED lighting, which offers a
bright but also durable and economical

Height Adjustable Glass Shelves

Multi-Zone Compartment

Help you adjust the top cabinet shelf easily and 
place taller items by adjusting the moving 
mechanism through a simple push or pull effect.

In Beko 4-Door Refrigerators you can have the 
flexibility to change your storage space. By just pressing 
the button of the electronic touch control digital display
the bottom right 77 litre compartment can be used as 
either a fridge or a freezer.