Smart Washing Machine Technology and Innovation

Aquawave™ Technology

 Prosmart Inverter Motor Technology 

Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door design, Aquawave™ Technology of Beko washing machines provide gentle yet
effective washing conditions for all garments, making them
last longer.


ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology provides increased efficiency and reliability by consuming less energy whist prolonging the life of the machine. Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection and combination of different wash motions will deliver a superior washing experience.



 Pet Hair Removal

Specially designed to care for babies and toddlers 
or for people with sensitive skin, it extends the 
washingtime and applies extra rinsing to avoid 
allergy problems related to sensitive skin.
Beko has developed a smart solution for pet
lovers with a function that removes pet hair on
laundry during the wash cycle. When this
function is selected, your machine adds a
pre-wash and additional rinsing steps
to the normal cycle.

 Daily Quick

 Memory Function

You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with our Daily Quick programme you can wash a large load of lightly soiled laundry in 28 minutes. The memory function provides quick access to your
favourite wash stetting by storing your custom 
settings for future use. Simply select your desired
setting and hold down the memory button.