Beko Manufacturers Guarantee

Congratulations on purchasing a quality Beko product. Beko automatically provide you with a 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee, covering parts and labour for servicing within the geographical limits of Australia and New Zealand. 

General Terms and Conditions 

For Australian Consumers 
This guarantee is an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. 

For New Zealand Consumers 
This guarantee is an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights. Nothing in this guarantee purports to modify or exclude the conditions, guarantees and undertakings, and other legal rights, under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act and other laws, except in those circumstances contemplated by section 43(2) of the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act. 

Beko Guarantee 
The Beko Manufacturers’ Guarantee provides additional protection for your Beko Product, and it identifies a preferred approach to resolving product claims which will allow for a quick and simple process for all parties, subject to our terms and conditions below. 
To enable us to assist you in the most expedient way please contact us by phoning the Toll free number (relative to your country of residence) as listed below. Please ensure you refer to your user manual and in particular the section headed 

“Recommended Solutions for the problems” before phoning. 
The commencement date of this guarantee starts on the day of purchase and proof of purchase must be supplied to the Beko Service Centre prior to commencement of any guarantee work. 

Terms and Conditions 
Beko Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd guarantees to the original purchaser to repair, or at its option replace, without charge to the owner for any part which is not of 
‘Acceptable quality’ within two years of date of purchase. 

“No Lemon Guarantee” * if the product fails more than 2 times during the Guarantee period due to the same type failure caused by the same part, we will automatically 
replace the product with an equivalent product free of charge. 

Food Spoilage*

If your product is a fridge or freezer, we will reimburse you for food which due to a valid fault as per our guarantee is spoilt; reimburse you as per the benefits below: 

Up to 200 Litre $100.00
>200 Litre - 400 Litre $200.00
>400 Litre - 600 Litre $300.00
>600 Litre $350.00

* Subject to a valid claim under the terms and conditions of this Guarantee
To be eligible for this Guarantee the product must be purchased from an Authorised Reseller in Australia or New Zealand.


What is not covered under this Guarantee 

1. Any service calls in which the problem is found not to be caused or related to any defect in the Product. In this instance, the cost of the service call will be charged to you. Examples (but not limited too) of no product fault listed below: 

a) Correcting the installation, e.g. leveling of product, adjustment of drain 
    Crossed or kinked hoses, leakage of hoses if incorrectly fitted, removal of transit bolts (front loading washers), noises due to water hammer and/or power supplies. 
b) Replacing fuses or correcting house power wiring or house plumbing issues 
c) Failure due to incorrect set up or requiring instructions normally covered in user manual. 
d) Blocked pumps, removal of foreign objects/substances from dishwashers, washing machine and the like. e.g. socks, bra wires, food scraps, dirt etc. 
e) Normal noise or vibration 
f) Infestation of pests, insects or vermin 

2. This Guarantee does not cover damage caused by: 

a) Misuse or abuse of the Beko Product 
b) Accidental damage of any kind 
c) Rust and Corrosion where the product is located within a corrosive environment 
d) Discoloration of burners or trivets on gas cooktops or chrome surrounds 
e) Incorrect operation or not following the operation instructions as stated in the user manual. 
f) Improper installation 
g) Failure to clean or improper cleaning 
h) Use of incorrect non – compliant electrical or gas connections 
i) External sources including but not limited to electrical interference, power surges or voltage fluctuations. 
j) Any loss caused by civil commotion 
k) Any loss caused from extreme events of nature including but not limited to, flood, cyclone, severe storm and earthquake 
l) Use of non-genuine/authorised parts 
m) Any repair or other work carried out on the Beko product other than by an authorised Beko Service Personnel. 

3. This Guarantee does not cover costs associated with replacing and servicing of consumable parts. E.g. lamps & bulbs, filters 

This Guarantee has been designed for Products used in normal domestic environment. Our products are not designed for commercial use. Any commercial use may affect this Product’s Guarantee. 
Service under this Manufacturer’s Guarantee is provided by the Beko Australia and New Zealand Authorised Repairer. 

The Guarantee is provided by Beko Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd (ABN: 49 152 055 162) of 55 Blanck Street, Ormeau, QLD Australia 4208, P O Box 354 Ormeau QLD Australia 4208. 

In Australia if you need assistance.... Toll Free 1300 282 356 


In New Zealand if you need assistance.... Toll Free 0800 69 2356 

Effective : 06/07/2015