NeoFrostâ„¢ Dual Cooling Technology

The Benefits

When you have Beko NeoFrost™ dual cooling technology built in to your fridge freezer, there’s no need for food lovers to worry that their fresh produce won’t taste as good the next day. Unlike conventional single cooling systems, Beko NeoFrost™ dual cooling fridges with 2 separate cooling systems mean you can maintain high humidity in the fridge, while keeping the freezer dry, frozen and frost-free. Coupled with 2 times faster* cooling, this Beko NeoFrost™ dual cooling technology retains moisture for longer and keeps your food as melt in the mouth gorgeous as when you bought it. Plus with 2 separate fans, there are no nasty odour transfers between the fridge and freezer compartments. So you can keep your raw meat in the freezer, together with your beautifully flavoured cake in the cooler without any meat smell transferring. Heaven. So now you can chill out and buy whatever food you fancy.

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Eat Fresh Everyday with Beko

The Technology

NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling technology prevents drying of vegetables and fruits by keeping humidity up to 95%* in the crisper and providing an optimized airflow between the shelves in the fridge compartment. Furthermore, fridge and freezer compartments are cooled by separate cooling systems, eliminating the risk of odour mixing between them. Make sure your fruits and vegetables stay crisp in the fridge, as if fresh from the field with Neofrost™ Technology.

*90% for standard fridge freezers and 95% for Everfresh+

Neofrost Dual Cooling



Beko Neofrost Technology vs Standard Technology


Beko's NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling technology helps maintain optimum cooling conditions, so food can stay fresh for longer. With two separate cooling systems it maintains high humidity in the fridge whilst the freezer stays dry, frozen and frost-free. What's more, with two fans there are no odour transfers between the fridge and the freezer keeping the quality of the air inside at maximum levels so your family can "Eat Fresh Everyday".

Beko Eat Fresh Everyday